Wednesday, January 10, 2018

A Hoverboard Is a Great Choice for Mobility

The hoverboard provides mobility and convenience for people who are always on the move. Hoverboards first came into the market as ‘toys’ and nothing more, but they have since evolved into powerful transportation alternatives. Gone are the days when you need to own a large vehicle to go from one place to another. You can just buy a compact hoverboard and zip to where you want to go easily and efficiently.

If you think that it is hard to manoeuvre a self-balancing scooter or hoverboard, think again. Since this device is self-balancing, it is designed to be very easy to ride. You can definitely learn how to use it in a matter of minutes.

A hoverboard has two wheels, just like a skateboard, but the size of each wheel is about 6.5 inches. These wheels serve as the main support. To advance to a different direction, you apply pressure to the side of the direction you want to go to, and the device moves with your body movement.

Most high-quality hoverboards weigh about 10 kg, so they are lightweight enough to carry around. The best units are also designed to be sleek and compact so that you can put them underneath a desk or a locker with ease. Self-balancing scooters can carry a load of 50 kg or more, depending on the specifications. 

Hoverboards are powered by motors that supply electricity to the device. To recharge the battery, you can simply plug in into a 100 V to 240 V socket. The charging time of the battery ranges from 90 to 120 minutes. Hoverboards in the UK come in a wide range of colours so you are sure to find one that fits your style. Those that are sold by reputable retailers are guaranteed to be made with high-quality materials for optimum system performance. Use a self-balancing scooter now and increase your mobility. 

5 Surprising Benefits of Folding Electric Bike

Adaptability and flexibility are the main selling points of the folding electric bike. If you are looking for a greener transportation option that allows you to zip from one location to another without using a car, it’s probably worth considering. What are the benefits of using a folding electric bike? Here are just 5 of the many.

It is very convenient

If you want a reliable way to go to school or to work, you should get a folding electric bike. Simply zip to the bus or train station using the bike and fold it into a small size so you can carry it with you while you ride public transport. Fold it back out again and ride it to reach your destination.

Folding electric bikes are durable

Small does not mean flimsy. Folding electric bikes are made from high-quality aluminium, making them durable but lightweight enough to quickly move around. High quality folding electric bikes can withstand the daily wear-and-tear of commuting. If you want a product that is robust and can last you a long time, be sure to buy your folding electric bike from a reliable dealer.  

It is thief-proof

A folded bike is easy to carry into your apartment, office, or classroom. That means you never have to worry about your bike being stolen in the parking lot or the sidewalk. You can just carry it wherever you go.

It lowers your carbon footprint

Folding electric bikes do not rely on unsustainable fuel and do not emit harmful gasses. Using one regularly can dramatically lower your impact on the earth and allow you to do your part in eliminating air pollution and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

It combines motors and pedals

Some folding electric bikes offer three modes of operation: full motor, full pedals, or motor-assisted pedalling. Save money and exercise using the pedal mode if you wish. And if you need help to get to your destination faster, choose the motor or motor-assisted mode.

Monday, December 11, 2017

How Different Is Electric Folding Bikes from Other Bikes?

When it comes to convenience and versatility, there really is no better alternative to the electric folding bike thanks to its portability and ease of use. Electric bikes have been steadily gaining popularity as a means of mobility for many people, and the added advantages of electric bikes make them a desirable proposition for many commuters for getting around town or going to work.

Generally speaking, the electric folding bike is, by no means, too different from a standard electric bike. The folding mechanism and the mechanics are all but the same, save for the addition of an electric drive motor, battery pack, and throttle control to operate the electric motor. The addition of motor drive enhances the bike and provides additional power for cruising down the road or for a much-needed assist when going uphill. E-bikes use the same basic components and parts as a regular bike making them easy to maintain and service, with only the electric motor and parts needing specialised care. 

Electric bikes have pretty much the same features as a regular, manually driven bike. They usually have the same basic drive train, same seats and braking systems, and can even share the same type of lightweight frame. Adding a motor to it improves the bike in terms of range and speed as the additional motor drive can help propel an e-bike to speeds up to 15.5mph effortlessly. The electric motor can produce up to 200 watts of power depending on the model and the typical lithium battery pack that takes 4 to 6 hours to fully charge, with enough capacity to power the bike with pedal assistance for 35 to 60 miles. That is a substantial range and is ideal for travel within the city making e-bikes an ideal solution for the modern urban traveller. The batteries are modular and can be swapped out which can further help extend the range of an e-bike.

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Find Cheap Electric Bikes at a Much Affordable Price Online

professionals and adults as a low-cost alternative to standard petroleum fuelled transportation such as cars and motorcycles. Cheap electric bikes powered by efficient and lightweight motors than run on electricity have slowly gained public attention as an efficient means of going about town. Thanks to their low-cost outlay and maintenance costs, they are slowly replacing cars and other motor vehicles especially in city centres and towns where cars may be impractical due to narrow streets, as well as in areas where parking spaces are in short supply.

Online resellers have emerged to meet this demand for a cheap, alternative means of transportation. And with their low cost of ownership and portability and ease of use benefits, these bikes have now become—more than ever—much easier to own and keep. It’s so much simpler to maintain a small electric vehicle compared to a conventional automobile.

Reputable online resellers keep in stock a variety of electric bike brands from different parts of the world such as Germany, Japan, China and the US (among others) and have a wide variety of models and styles to choose from. The ability to shop and pay online only makes it much more attractive to actually own such electric vehicles, if the low prices are not enough to hook you in.

Online retailers of electric bikes, mopeds, and scooters offer easy and affordable payment plans for the more expensive models to encourage purchases. Add to that an inventory of small, compact, and highly portable units like folding e-bikes and scooters and you have an instant hit. These resellers also offer accessories and replacement parts and service for the electric vehicles they carry as a value added feature to ensure that customers get the best after sales service and maintenance for their purchase.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

E-Bikes: Good for the Environment and Good for Your Wallet!

Electric bikes are fast becoming a favoured mode of transportation across cities and countries like the UK as they provide a convenient and clean way to get around without ruining the environment. The popularity of electric moped use in the UK is quite obvious. Everywhere you’ll see smartly clad bikers zipping around the city streets.

Electric mopeds offer a fun and safe way to get around in crowded urban settings with narrow streets and by ways. They are more practical compared to cars which are much larger and cost far more in terms of investment and maintenance. Electric bike owners don’t have to pay congestion charges and road taxes that often plague car owners—costs that can really add up and increase operational and maintenance costs for an automobile. Electric bikes don’t only take up less space on the roads—they also give off zero emissions.

Parking is another a big issue with larger cars as there are limited parking spaces available especially in busy cities around the UK. Electric bikes are small enough that they could be parked virtually anywhere and even carried into a building, home, or flat for safe and convenient storage. Folding electric bike variants are compact enough to be taken in busses and trains for easy commuting. This option makes an electric bike an even more flexible option for the commuting public.

Electric bikes are great for the environment thanks to their zero emissions and non-use of petroleum based fuels that can pollute the air, ground and water. They are also great for your health as they provide a form of exercise as you pedal down the road assisted by the electric motor. And unlike cars, they won’t cost you a fortune. Most electric bikes can be had for less than £1000 and upkeep is very cheap.

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Do You Need to Wear Protective Accessories to Ride on an E bike in UK

With the rising popularity and widespread use of electric scooters in the UK, there is also a growing concern regarding the safety and well being of the riding and commuting public. While electric bikes are deemed to be one of the safest modes of transportation available, they are still bound by the laws and regulations of the road. Certain precautions are mandated for their use especially on public roads and city streets.

In terms of protective accessories, there is thankfully no strict rules requiring riders to don full body armour and specialized protective gear. However, it is always wise to use at least some basic form of protection. Riders are advised to wear protective helmets to ensure that they have basic head protection in case of an accident. Additional knee and elbow pads also won’t hurt as they offer an additional margin of safety for the rider in case of a nasty crash. E-bike speeds are limited by law; to be considered road legal, these bikes cannot have a motor with a power rating above 250w. Electric bikes and mopeds are not required to be registered, though, and are not subject to congestion or road taxes. Still, they must always be kept in good working order to ensure that they do not pose a danger to other road vehicles and commuters. It is also perfectly legal to ride and electric bike in public roads and spaces for riders above 14 years of age. Like cyclists, you cannot be booked for over speeding on an e-bike, but you can still be called out for reckless or dangerous cycling.

Electric bikes are required to have reflectors and front and tail lights for visibility especially at night to prevent accidents. While not a requirement, wearing high visibility attire is also a great way to prevent accidents and keep you safe while riding your electric bike.

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Ride Electric Scooter

As the world moves towards a more responsible way of commuting, using sustainable methods of energy and reducing environmental pollution, the choice of electric bike is certainly a step in the right direction. Offering many advantages over a traditional gas guzzling two wheeler, the electric bike has benefitted from advanced technology to a great extent in increasing the range, power and charging time. Here is a quick look at three reasons why you need to look at this mode of transportation.

Cost effective mode of transportation
Compared to other modes of transport, an electric scooter offers a cheaper mode of transportation. IN addition to this, various governments have put in place many policies to encourage the use of electric bikes. This makes it a lot cheaper to operate, resulting in a savings over the long run. With ambitious plans being put in place by different governments across the globe, in the not too distant future, it is possible that more and more subsidies and sops would be offered to electric bikes, making it a very cheap mode of transportation.

Dispense with the need for license or insurance
One of the bigger advantages of electric scooters are the fact that some models do not require a license or insurance. This makes it very appealing. You need not have to worry about going in for a license or for an insurance. It not only helps to save some money that goes towards insurance, it also helps to save a lot of valuable time that needs to be spent to complete all insurance formalities. Electric scooters offer hassle handling and operation. Just purchase one and start using without having to go through all the formalities necessary for other vehicles.

Advances in battery technology
The advances in battery technology have extended the range of the bikes while shortening the time required for charging the vehicles. It is now possible to operate the bikes for as long as 40 – 100 miles, depending on the model on a single charge. And charging times vary from as little as two hours, up to four hours.

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