Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5 Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Mountain Bike

Modern mountain bikes are stylish and come with an electric motor. They are reliable modes of transportation that can help you get around more efficiently in the city without breaking a sweat. The presence of an electric motor gives you the option to pedal with assistance, so you can go faster and effortlessly especially on hilly terrains. You do not need to have a license or go through registration to use an electric mountain bike. But before you buy one, be sure to consider the following factors so you can get a truly high-quality product:
  • Special features – Look for an electric mountain bike with an aluminium frame. This should be able to handle a maximum load or weight of up to 100kg, whether you are male or female. Consider a bike with a multifunction display on the handlebar, so you can easily see and determine your speed, utilise the PAS button, or activate the headlight. Make sure that the gearbox is easy to use, so you can shift gears smoothly.
  • The battery – Choose an electric mountain bike that is powered by a robust lithium battery, which is lighter than conventional lead acid batteries. It should be able to achieve a full charge in four to six hours. Look for a bike that comes with a portable recharging unit, which will be handy for longer trips. Leaving it charging overnight should provide full power the next day.
  • Safety features – Make sure the electric mountain bike has a LED rear taillight and headlight, so you can ride safely at night. These should help alert other riders and drivers of your presence, too, especially when it is foggy or dark. Consider a bike with a solid braking system.
  • Maximum speed – Consider an electric mountain bike that can reach a maximum speed of about 15.5mph and last for a journey that is roughly 50km.
  • The source – Buy an electric mountain bike from a reputable and trustworthy store that offers prompt delivery to your doorstep and warranties for all the products that they carry.

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4 Reasons Why Your Kids Need an Electric Scooter

The electric scooter is not merely a toy. It can serve as an environmentally friendly mode of transport for children. Likewise, it can be a cooler and stylish alternative to a conventional bicycle.  With a scooter, your kids can travel short distances like to their school or even do simple errands. At the same time, you are encouraging them to get a bit of exercise and some fresh air. Here are four more reasons why your kids could use an electric scooter:
  • It will make them happy – Surprise your child with a scooter, especially if he or she has always wanted one. Electric scooters may encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors with their friends instead of staying cooped up indoors. Your kids can be proud that they have their own mode of transportation to get to and from school, and this may give them the chance to ride together with their friends, too.
  • It is safe and durable – High-quality electric scooters for kids are designed to be reliable, safe, and durable. They can handle a maximum load of 150kg, but they are lightweight and easy to carry or push around due to their aluminium alloy frames, which are anode-plated. A front fork comes with a spring suspension for safety.  Electric scooters for kids have a wider foot deck, too, while others have saddle seats for added comfort. They run on lead acid batteries, which provide about 36V to a 250-watt motor. The battery should take about three to five hours to charge, and this is enough to allow children to travel up to 33 km.
  • It may teach your kids to be obedient of traffic rules and regulations – High-end electric scooters have a LED speed metre, which lets your child keep track of his or her speed to ensure safe riding. This can be a good way to start teaching your kids to obey traffic rules and speed limits, too, so they will have minimal problems by the time they are old enough to drive. A child's electric scooter should be able to reach a top speed of up to 27 km/h when fully charged.
  • It is affordable – You can purchase affordable electric scooters for kids online. Look for a reputable store that specialises in electric vehicles. Leading providers can deliver the electric scooter to your doorstep, and they have a helpful staff to help you choose the right product for your budget and for your kids' needs.

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