Friday, May 6, 2016

Electric Scooter: An Efficient Way of Traveling

Travelling these days is such a hassle due to the bad traffic. Cars are always clogging up the streets and precious fuel is used up more. The solution is to switch to an electric scooter. Electric scooters are highly efficient and can be ideal for both young and old riders.
Some electric scooters can be driven even without a license. Technically classified as an electric bike, these no-licence electric scooters are perfect for teens who can use them to go to school or visit their friends’ houses. Parents don’t need to worry as this type of electric scooter has a maximum speed of 25km/h. It is safe to use and more importantly, runs on batteries. Even if your teens ride around the neighbourhood for hours, it won’t hurt your budget.
Aside from teens, kids can also ride special electric scooters. Think of them as kick scooters that area bit larger and come with a seat. They are stylish, safe, and easy to use, and your kids will have no trouble going to their classes.
One of the main reasons why motorists are turning to electric scooters is because of the high price of petrol. With an electric scooter, you simply need to charge for a few hours. What’s more, it doesn’t need special charging. Electric scooters can be charged on regular electric current.
Adult electric scooters are quite popular. They are excellent for going to work or simply doing errands. Most models come with storage, which is ideal if you’re picking up a few groceries. It’s true that some people can’t ride an electric scooter due to inner ear balance problems. Luckily, 3-wheeled electric scooters are also available.
Aside from being easy to use on the road, electric scooters also require little maintenance. What’s more, they can lower your carbon footprint.

Important Thing to Check before Buying a Self-Balancing Scooter

The self-balancing scooter or the hoverboard is one of the top-selling toys of 2015. Everyone wanted one, especially kids. Due to the high demand for the self-balancing scooter, however, some manufacturers started to sell cheap yet unreliable units. Here are some things you need to check to ensure the quality of the self-balancing scooter you are buying:
  • Safety features – One of the most important things to check about the hoverboard is if it is CE certified. If it is not, find another self-balancing scooter. It also helps if the hoverboard is waterproof and features a light so it can be used at night.
  • Battery – Cheap batteries usually melt and can cause severe damaged to self-balancing scooters. Some of the best hoverboards come with branded batteries, such as Samsung. These types of batteries require short charging times and provide longer hours when the hoverboard is in use.
  • Maximum loading – Some hoverboards can only accommodate up to a certain weight. Be sure that you are buying a unit that can take your child’s weight.
  • Speed – You want your kids to have fun but also be safe at the same time. Check the maximum speed or the speed limit of the self-balancing scooter. Regular ones have a speed of 15km/h.
  • Coverage – For maximum fun, check how far the self-balancing scooter can last. The best ones can offer about 15 to 20 kilometre coverage.
  • Special features – Self-balancing scooters are fun but some manufacturers have taken it to the next level by offering special features. This can include Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers.
  • Seller or maker – Always do a background check on who makes or sells the self-balancing scooter. If the seller is reputable and trustworthy, then that’s a good sign.
When choosing a self-balancing scooter, don’t forget to take into account what your child wants. Some kids want cute hoverboards that have cute designs or come in bright colours. Others may want something cool that simply comes in black and offers party lights.

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